Confirmation FAQ

What is Confirmation?

Confirmation is Affirmation of Baptism, in which youth affirm the promises made at baptism, the same promises their families made in having their infant baptized. While this is marked as a one time, special event, Martin Luther argued it’s something we should do everyday.

Depending on your background and your faith experiences as a youth, their are different ideas of what the Confirmation years look like or include. At First St. Paul’s (FSP), we focus on exploring the Bible in such a way that leads to a living and active faith, rooted in knowledge and understanding.

We also include experiences, activities and rely on adult mentors, all with the goal of helping youth make the connection between faith and life. Youth have multiple opportunities to serve (community and church), participate in community building, and develop worship leading abilities during Lent.

What is required during Confirmation?

7th grade:

  • attendance each week
  • acolyte/crossbear as assigned
  • 18 sermon notes
  • service events
  • OREOS (monthly fellowship event)

8th grade:

  • attendance each week
  • acolyte/crossbear as assigned
  • 16 sermon notes
  • service events
  • attend OREOS (3 times)
  • partipate in Lenten services
  • choose a faith verse
  • faith paper

What do I need for Confirmation?

  • A bible
  • Pens/highlighters (8th grade)
  • Youth must be baptized before the confirmation service in spring of 8th grade

Can I bring a friend?

Of course! We want you to have fun as you learn! And your friends might want to learn too! Friends are always welcome!

How can I complete sermon notes?

We know life is busy and families have a lot going on. Youth can complete sermon notes at worship services, by watching our Live Stream or our YouTube channel. If you attend worship at a different church, complete the sermon note and attach a bulletin from the service. Or, find a worship service online and do a sermon note on that, including the name of the church and the link.

What curriculum do you use?

We prepare our lessons based on years of experience! If you would like to learn about 7th grade lessons, contact Pastor Joel Remmers. If you would like copies of 8th grade lessons and content, contact Pastor Andrea Paulson.

What if I’m not ready?

We believe Confirmation is a very important step in faith, one that shouldn’t be forced or rushed. As a result, we want youth and families to discuss this important time with openness and understanding.

If your youth is not ready to affirm their baptism, that’s okay! We are happy to work with you to create alternative opportunities or plans so that confirmation is meaningful. If you have questions or concerns about your youth’s process and progress, do not hesitate to contact the pastors for prayer, guidance and support.

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